September 15, 2005

Your aunty is showing

First it was low-slung chaddi-revealing jeans. Now there's another mention of unmentionables in the current issue of Time Out Mumbai:

A compound noun formed by joining the syllables cha and bra. Rhymes with sir. Shorthand for chaddi-bra, it's a Marathi synonym for lingerie.
Usage: Chee. All you see on page 3 is skinny models going to parties wearing only cha-bra.
Who writes this stuff anyway? Some Maharashtrian tai with an underwear fetish?


km said...

Cha-Bra rhymes with "SIR"?? You mean like "Cha-bir"?

Pray, explain, good sir.


R Devraj said...

Marathi and Hindi abbreviations use syllables, not single letters, so chaddi-bra is abbreviated as च.ब्र. Say it out loud.

km said...

Comprehendo, Senor D.

Cha-Br sounds like some mythical creature like Chtulu.


Prerona said...

sounds grosser than tippanni. i dont like that word, somehow :)

chabra sounds harder to say (properly) than zhhabree.

Yohan said...

This is a damn cool blog! I zipped through all the articles! Keep up the good work. Pop Culture needs more chroniclers such as you.