December 07, 2006

Slang Sighting: Bombay Docks

Slang term used on the Mumbai modelling circuit to describe someone with bad body odour.
"Mumbai lingo is a bit different. There’s a lot of Hindi slang and it’s mostly abusive, but used a lot in the modeling circuit. [A fairly common term here] is ‘bombay docks’, used when a girl has bad body odour." (Mumbai model Sahil Shroff quoted in The slang bang! by Reshma Arya, DNA, December 4, 2006)


Yohan said...

This really is an awesome blog. We need more stuff like this about the ever-evolving Indian pop culture.

Any idea where I might find old MTV and Channel V ads? Looking to show people Quick Gun Murugan!

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Kavyaa said...

really interesting stuff..hope to be a regular here.
keep up the gud work!