August 03, 2010

From Where to Where

Anuvab Pal compiles a few current Indian English expressions (Mid-Day, August 1, 2010):
Rajeev this side: Usually said on the phone. It literally means the person saying it is on that side, physically. It has nothing to do with taking a side (for that, see stance (n)). Sometimes, it is said in person, across a table, implying the same thing. It can get awkward because you're not sure if you have to acknowledge your side too.

From where to where he's gone: Meaning success. It never implies anyone physically going anywhere. It's our way of talking about becoming something in life. Also, sometimes substituted with 'He's become a big man' which is also never a reference to size.

It's coming up like anything: Meaning development. Usually in reference to neighbourhoods westernising. Can also be used with individuals in show business and used as a substitute for 'appear' (Eg: You came in that ad, He came in that movie etc.)

Continental Food: Nobody on this or any other continent, knows what this means. It's any dish that has no defined national roots and if the chef does not feel like finding out (see also sizzler, (n) which doesn't mean anything)."


Raji Mohan said...

An American friend of mine was asked by a man as she was working out in a gym in Hyderabad, "Do you work the night shift?"
Was he propositioning her? Is "night shift" a euphemism for prostitution?

R Devraj said...

No it isn't, but I can hardly judge the man's intentions. Was there any leering and nudging involved?

Vishal said...

Few more:

- I will call you up. (Why not just "I will give you a call". What's up with the 'up'?)
- I will try my level best. (Not just best, but level best!)