July 07, 2005

Wheatish Girl Seeks Alliance

Vishy's Indian English Dictionary covers the vocabulary of Indian matrimonial advertisements - including a word that is usually reserved for household pets.
Not used in the 'When were dogs domesticated?' sense, domesticated is a term applied in particular to prospective brides that indicates a good sense for maintaining a home and cooking good food for her prospective husband.
It's a brief note, hardly exhaustive (no 'innocent divorcees', no 'cosmopolitans', no 'clean-shaven Khatri boys'), but still worth a read.


Sibyl said...

The other synonym for domesticated is homely. Many ads ask for "professional but homely" girls (yeah, right!)--possibly the same meaning as "modern outlook with traditional values".

I can't remember the ads for grooms being as funny, though they mention 5-figure salaries, MBAs and BEs.

R Devraj said...

>> can't remember the ads for grooms being as funny

true, but once in a while you come across a 'convented boy'.. (anyone who's studied in a school run by missionaries is deemed 'convented')