June 08, 2005

Everything's changa for uncle-ji and auntie-ji

Yes, it's time to balle balle all the way from Amritsar to LA - a whole new bunch of Indian words like filmi, desi and chuddie have entered the English language, via the Collins English Dictionary. Yahoo India News reports that the latest edition of Collins, to be published Thursday, is 'full of unusual and unexpected Indian words, thanks to popular Asian culture'.

Many of the new words have a distinct Punjabi flavour - changa (fine) is on the list, and uncle-ji and auntie-ji made it past the gora (white) bouncers as well. (I wonder if Collins provides Punju definitions for Punju words - if they did, the entry for changa would read 'A-1, Tip-Top, Best Quality, Hit-o-Hit'). Other Indian words appearing in the dictionary include badmash, kutta (dog), kutti (bitch), haramzada and haramzadi (described as bastards or obnoxious/despicable). Looks like those guys at Collins have been watching way too many Dharmendra movies.

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